Saturday, December 29, 2007

Design your Own Triptych at Filthy's Joint

Filthy Fluno has a new format of his abstract narrative drawings available for purchase at his Second Life gallery. First go to Filthy's gallery on Artropolis. You will find an area on his roof where you may choose a selection of 3 prints to be matted and framed together and shipped directly to you almost anywhere in the world. This triple print format is a signed limited edition of 25, so go to Filthy's joint and check it out soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Art Exhibit and Presentation for Orange Telcom

Filthy is finally exhibiting his Hacker Drawing series for

art week at Orange sim. Click here to read more!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Coming soon...Filthy will have a private showing in Chicago on Jan. 19

In January, Filthy will be in Chicago to do a private showing.
There is slated to be live music streaming in-world from some of your favorite Second Life performers. Stay tuned for more details....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Filthy's coming to the UK

Get ready Great Britain! In April 2008 Filthy Fluno is making his third pilgrimage to Europe with a trip planned to London and possibly beyond. Filthy has commissioned drawings planned for several Second Life personalities who live in the London area. He is also working on plans for an exhibition while he is in town. So all you British Second Lifers stay tuned ....and be sure to get in touch with Filthy if you too would be interested in purchasing your very own original drawing by Second Life's most talked about artist.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From RL to SL to RL

You can now get Filthy's RL prints from SL with the click of an image, for only a few Lindens.
Just go to Filthy's Joint on his island of Artropolis ...browse over a hundred images...then click on the ones you want. Soon a signed print will arrive at your door, anywhere in the world from Filthy's real life studio.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November Exhibits and Commissions

...Filthy currently has an exhibit up at Starbuck's in Woburn, MA. The exhibit will be up for the entire month of November.


..Filthy has a commission planned Citizens Bank in Nashua, NH. He is busy interviewing the staff there and will start this drawing soon. Also in the works is a Valentine's themed exhibit and event at the bank for February.

....Filthy recently completed a commemorative commission for Intel's Velu Balasubramanian and his wife Anu. Anu works as a speech pathologist and Velu is also a talented amateur photographer. This is one of several recent commissions that Filthy has done for couples about their individual personalities and the their personality as a couple.

SL's Cylindrian Rutabaga Tours Boston

In October, after Filthy returned from Cali, we hosted Georgia's all star musician/singer/songwriter Cylindrian Rutabaga, Grace Buford in RL, for her Boston area tour and visit. Cylindrian came to town to attend and perform at Pod Camp in Boston and to play at several other venues around the greater Boston area, including Boston's Sweetwater Cafe, Chelmsford's The Java Room and Cambridge's Lizard Lounge. In fact Grace placed in the top three in Lizard Lounge's weekly singer/songwrighter contest. Grace will be asked back to perform in a final showdown at the Lizard Lounge with the possibility o getting a solo gig there. If you ever get the chance to see Grace Buford play live.. don't miss it... you are in for a musical treat.

Filthy and Cylindrian had first met in person at the SL conference in Chicago. While visiting here in MA she got to hang out with Filthy in his studio. Filthy worked on some new drawings while Grace worked on some new tunes. At the end of her visit Filthy and wife Anya made Grace a New England style Lobster dinner! We think she had a good visit... and we know for sure that WE had an amazing time.

Filthy's Trip to Cali Part 2

In October, Filthy travelled to the San Francisco Bay area to meet with Second Life's Holli Hollwood and to create a commissioned drawing for Holly and her husband Angus. Holli owns the in-world jazz club Blue Fusion and in RL works for IBM Lotus.

In addition to karaoke every night at Angus and Holli's, Filthy visited his old friends at IBM's Almaden Research Center in San Jose.

Shown above is Filthy with Almaden's Douglas McDavid.
The purpose of this visit was to spearhead a partnership with Artropolis, Blue Fusion, IBM and Almaden Research Center, beginning with some upcoming joint events in SL.
Also in the works ... Filthy is planning an exhibition at Almaden's Library. So, stay tuned....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Technology in the Arts
Chatting with the Academics at Carnegie Melon

On the morning of October 13, Filthy will be part of a conference on Technology in the Arts at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh. Filthy will join a panel discussion on the Art of Second Life. Filthy will give his talk and comments virtually through an in-world live stream.
Other panelists include: David Dombrosky, Program Director, Contemporary Arts and New Initiatives, Southern Arts Federation; Nettrice Gaskins, Computer Arts Academic & Community Liaison, Massachusetts College of Art; Lauren Lamonica, Producer, Millions of Us; and Brian Newman, Executive Director, Re:New Media.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Coming soon...Filthy's Goin' back to Cali

Next month Filthy plans to head out to make art for the people at IBM Lotus in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stay tuned for more.....

Filthy Places Third at Location One!!!

In September, Filthy participated in a drawing contest at NYC's Location One Gallery. Filthy came in third place out of 70 participants and won an acre of land on the Earth's moon! Filthy and his wife Anya watched the judging from the live stream at Second Life's Artropolis (She thinks Filthy's was the best by far!) All of the drawings can be viewed at Location One's website. Go check them out and judge for yourself. One judge even inquired about purchasing Filthy's "dark side of the moon" drawing, however due to rules of the contest all drawings now belong to Location One. Perhaps he can buy a print!
By the way you can buy prints of any of Filthy's drawings...
just email him at

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Filthy and Komuso Make an
Impression at the Revolving Museum

Last night Filthy opened his show at the Revolving Museum in Lowell, MA. Friends came from far and near to celebrate with Filthy and his family. The Artropolis version of the Revolving Museum was projected up on a big screen. Second Life resident Esch Snoats designed a rustic artropolitan style space including a stage where resident Komuso Tokugawa rocked the virtual (and real life) house with his boogie woogie blues stylin's. Filthy gave a talk (and in-world tour) about his experience of becoming a full time artist in both worlds. There was plenty of food and drink prepared by Filthy's helpful wife Anya. We all had a blast!

....and, yes Filthy's mom's brownies were delicious.

Below is 'Manu' one of the drawings displayed at the museum.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Filthy Interprets the Moon at
Location One in NYC

On Friday September 21 at 1:15pm Filthy will take part in a drawing contest called Crater New York at Location One at 26 Greene Street(Canal/Grand) in Soho, NYC. Many artists will participate in the contest across a two-week span. The entire contest will be video streamed on Second Life at Artropolis in the SLART gallery. Check out an article about the event in which Filthy is featured.

Filthy will go head to head with artist/critic and SLART founder Richard Minsky. Filthy will work in charcoal on paper while Minsky will create a digital image. Drawings and digital works will be based on a lunar model that will be in installation at Location One's gallery. Each artist will have a half-an-hour to complete his piece. Any fans who will be in NYC are welcome to show up to watch these two friends battle it out.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

SLCC in Chicago

view from Hilton

nearby art installation

Souvenirs galore

Filthy had a blast in Chicago at the SLCC. He got to hang with all his SL peeps, and got to put RL faces with their avatars, meeting many for the first time face to face.

Carli and pal Niko

Filthy travelled down to the Windy City (which this trip was also the stormy, wet, flooded city)
with local Boston area SL-er Carli Flossberg. They got re-routed through Millwaukee and drove down in a crazy storm carting along three strangers they had met on their plane. Finally they made it to the stylin' Hilton Towers.

Filthy with Cylindrian and Esch.

Luckily all the artwork made it to Chicago safely and the art exhibit that Filthy curated for the convention was a big success. Filthy's buddy Esch (aka Todd) was the co-curator.

Filthy was very busy with the show but also had a chance to relax with friends and meet a whole lot of new people too.

Filthy with pianist Louis Volare

Philip Linden creator/CEO of SL with Spider Myron's work "Illusion"

Real Live Music!!

Discovery Channel crew who came to film Filthy and other SLers for an upcoming documentary.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The French Adventure

When Filthy arrived in St. Amand en Puisaye, he saw posters for his exhibit all over the village.
Including one here on the bulletin board at the visitor center.

St. Amand is a lovely village surrounded by fields and farms in the heart of Burgundy, France. It is historically known for it's nearby clay quarries and the pottery that has been produced here by artisans for centuries.

Filthy's exhibit took place at L'Espace Ceramique Jacque-Jeanneney in a gallery that typically displays both traditional and contempoary ceramics. But Yolene, the proprietor and a potter herself, took a chance and welcomed Filthy and his unusual drawings. At the opening event for the exhibit Filthy met the Mayor of the region and was interviewed by a reporter from a regional newspaper. Pictured left to right: Yolene, Filthy, the mayor, the reporter.

Filthy's friends who helped with local logistics came to the opening event and also shared their homes and showed us around their towns. Filthy's SL friends Other and datssia were especially helpful in getting Filthy set up in town and with the exhibit here.

Filthy's wife Anya joined and they did some sightseeing in and around St. Amand, attending an exhibit at the local pottery museum that is housed in a centuries old chateau.

Our next adventure took us on a road trip to a pair of villages in Normandy known as Barneville-Carteret. There we visited with SL friend Clames Clanger and his partner Lou and their young daughter.

They are renovating an old manor where they live and also where Clames has his music studios.We spent some time getting to know them and then Filth did a drawing for them based on some stories they told. He also had a private showing of several other works in one of the unfinished rooms of the manor. Clames' assistant Richard was a big help in getting the room ready for setting up the show . Clames and Lou were wonderful hosts and we had a teriffic was hard to leave.

After, we returned to St. Amand to close the show there and party with our new friends. We had yummy food, wine, music, and good company. The next day it was back to the states.

Next Stop Indiana

Our next Adventure takes us to Big Car Gallery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Filthy first connected with Jim Walker, Big Car's Executive Director, on Second Life. Jim showed great interest in the unique way Filthy is melding the virtual and real worlds to bring his artwork to all sorts of people everywhere. They cooked up a plan to bring Filthy to Indianapolis. Included in the plan was the debut of a virtual version of the Big Car Gallery in Second Life.

Filthy's opening event for the show coincided with Big Car's First Friday, which included live music and a virtual tour of the Second Life Big Car Gallery. There was a huge crowd and lots of buzz. It was a blast.

There was an eclectic crowd at the gallery in Second Life too. Below in the top hat is one of Filthy's best buds in SL, Esch Snoats ,relaxing with a drink and talking to the babes.

While we were in Indiana we stayed with Anya's brother Dmitri, his wife Antonia and their daughter Anisa, in their beautiful home in Bloomington. They were of course wonderful hosts. They brought us to see some of the sights in Bloomington and took us letterboxing in Indianapolis. Dmitri owns the company rock, paper, scissors a well-known "World Music" publicity and marketing firm in Bloomington. Antonia is a photographer, artist and mom. Anisa is a bright, talkative, creative wonder!!

We got to introduce them all (our niece especially) to our dog Monkey. He was (as always) a very well behaved doggy. We also got to bring the family to Indianapolis to see the show at Big Car. Monkey came too. We all had a fun day!