Friday, September 28, 2007

Coming soon...Filthy's Goin' back to Cali

Next month Filthy plans to head out to make art for the people at IBM Lotus in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stay tuned for more.....

Filthy Places Third at Location One!!!

In September, Filthy participated in a drawing contest at NYC's Location One Gallery. Filthy came in third place out of 70 participants and won an acre of land on the Earth's moon! Filthy and his wife Anya watched the judging from the live stream at Second Life's Artropolis (She thinks Filthy's was the best by far!) All of the drawings can be viewed at Location One's website. Go check them out and judge for yourself. One judge even inquired about purchasing Filthy's "dark side of the moon" drawing, however due to rules of the contest all drawings now belong to Location One. Perhaps he can buy a print!
By the way you can buy prints of any of Filthy's drawings...
just email him at

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Filthy and Komuso Make an
Impression at the Revolving Museum

Last night Filthy opened his show at the Revolving Museum in Lowell, MA. Friends came from far and near to celebrate with Filthy and his family. The Artropolis version of the Revolving Museum was projected up on a big screen. Second Life resident Esch Snoats designed a rustic artropolitan style space including a stage where resident Komuso Tokugawa rocked the virtual (and real life) house with his boogie woogie blues stylin's. Filthy gave a talk (and in-world tour) about his experience of becoming a full time artist in both worlds. There was plenty of food and drink prepared by Filthy's helpful wife Anya. We all had a blast!

....and, yes Filthy's mom's brownies were delicious.

Below is 'Manu' one of the drawings displayed at the museum.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Filthy Interprets the Moon at
Location One in NYC

On Friday September 21 at 1:15pm Filthy will take part in a drawing contest called Crater New York at Location One at 26 Greene Street(Canal/Grand) in Soho, NYC. Many artists will participate in the contest across a two-week span. The entire contest will be video streamed on Second Life at Artropolis in the SLART gallery. Check out an article about the event in which Filthy is featured.

Filthy will go head to head with artist/critic and SLART founder Richard Minsky. Filthy will work in charcoal on paper while Minsky will create a digital image. Drawings and digital works will be based on a lunar model that will be in installation at Location One's gallery. Each artist will have a half-an-hour to complete his piece. Any fans who will be in NYC are welcome to show up to watch these two friends battle it out.