Thursday, August 23, 2007

SLCC in Chicago

view from Hilton

nearby art installation

Souvenirs galore

Filthy had a blast in Chicago at the SLCC. He got to hang with all his SL peeps, and got to put RL faces with their avatars, meeting many for the first time face to face.

Carli and pal Niko

Filthy travelled down to the Windy City (which this trip was also the stormy, wet, flooded city)
with local Boston area SL-er Carli Flossberg. They got re-routed through Millwaukee and drove down in a crazy storm carting along three strangers they had met on their plane. Finally they made it to the stylin' Hilton Towers.

Filthy with Cylindrian and Esch.

Luckily all the artwork made it to Chicago safely and the art exhibit that Filthy curated for the convention was a big success. Filthy's buddy Esch (aka Todd) was the co-curator.

Filthy was very busy with the show but also had a chance to relax with friends and meet a whole lot of new people too.

Filthy with pianist Louis Volare

Philip Linden creator/CEO of SL with Spider Myron's work "Illusion"

Real Live Music!!

Discovery Channel crew who came to film Filthy and other SLers for an upcoming documentary.

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