Saturday, September 15, 2007

Filthy and Komuso Make an
Impression at the Revolving Museum

Last night Filthy opened his show at the Revolving Museum in Lowell, MA. Friends came from far and near to celebrate with Filthy and his family. The Artropolis version of the Revolving Museum was projected up on a big screen. Second Life resident Esch Snoats designed a rustic artropolitan style space including a stage where resident Komuso Tokugawa rocked the virtual (and real life) house with his boogie woogie blues stylin's. Filthy gave a talk (and in-world tour) about his experience of becoming a full time artist in both worlds. There was plenty of food and drink prepared by Filthy's helpful wife Anya. We all had a blast!

....and, yes Filthy's mom's brownies were delicious.

Below is 'Manu' one of the drawings displayed at the museum.

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